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Monday, July 12, 2010

Update: Our New Home "The Majestic"

It may be corney as heck to name a home, but I don't care....
licks out tongue...
I remember when I was younger I would watch Robin's Leach The Life Styles of the Rich and Famous. I know you guys remember that show? Anywho, most of the rich  and famous would  name their homes.
SO why not ?!

This is the lot...can you see the city in the background?
((just wait until you see it when the house goes up))
Below are some of the beginning touches, I choose for the house. 
I upgraded the flooring to bamboo and the vinyl flooring (not that apartment brand crap) and carpet!
For some reason I can't find the carpet sample photo; however, it is a buttery color.

My cell fone does not do these material justice...

We are almost to the finish line...can hardly wait!!

 They have finally poured the cement for the drive way and the patio that's in the back. 
I love it. 

 This is the patio area, of course, and I can not wait to see what Jon has in mine for our patio.

 The landscaping will be done soon our builder said that they should be landscaping in a few days....

Looking through the French Doors...

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