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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Majestic...Our Home We are HERE!!

we are finally here...and i am loving every minute of it. there are still, what seems to me, to be a million boxes in the garage. 

Due to the  4th annual family reunion the boxes will have to wait.

we have done some serious shopping both on-line and the traditional brick and mortar stores, I would say that if you are looking for major furniture for your home...DO a lot of research, we went to Lowe's, Best Buy, Home Depot for the LG's Washer and Dryer or similar and even though they were offering 20% those and other appliances, we figured out that ordering online saved us 400$. so it pays to shop around. 

So, in saying that we decided on the Samsung's they have gotten some great reviews and they are energy savers. Love that.

A word of warning...if your family decides to get the design washers and or dryer and you are ordering them online they DO NOT come with the petals shown you will have to order them...

Yeah it sucks and we found out the hard way, so avoid two shipping cost and order them together!

So right now I have the cable man working on our internet the appliances are in the mail. And 20 or so family members are on there way down south...
And they are all coming to The Majestic...
Oh boy what a summer this is!

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