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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eco Styling Gel...Wash, Shake and GOOO...

We took a nice trip to historic Charleston SC. 
One of the many cemeteries that is 
located near the Battery.
At any rate, here are a few pictures my hubby took while we Ghost Hunt.

What I like about the Eco-styling Gel that is it defiantly defines my curls...
as they were drying, I slowing took some apart because the gel sometimes clumps my hair together. 
The first time I tried this the curls that I did not separate were fuzzy because they did not totally dry. 

Also, once it was totally dry, my hair was crunchy.
 I like the idea of my hubby rubbing his hands through my hair however ,with this gel thats not possible without  it flaking or messing up your curl pattern.

All in all, I would do it again and recommend it to any TWA chicas... that like that spiral curly look. 

IN the mean time, while I will continue to look for a gel that will define my curls and not be crunchy at the end of the day, Will attempt this style again in a few months...

This style lasted me for 4 days before I washed the gel totally out. 

And there is NO need to reapply the gel..

Just re-wet, shake and GOOOO!!!

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