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Sunday, January 5, 2014

2 My Health-Round 2~Black Folks Eating Right

It’s been a year ago today, I decided to change what my family eats and blog about it, and we have not looked back. 

Thought out the year ,we searched for local vegan friendly restaurants; we have found that most of these eateries are located in the trendier part of the city, for instance downtown; therefore I would suspect in most American cities you should be able to find a vegan/vegetarian place to eat.

The farmers market is the best place to purchase large amounts of fruits and vegetables. I no longer purchase pre-made juices or sodas.
That money now goes towards fresh fruits and vegetables from the market.
I spend $300-350 a month for fruits and vegetables.

If I was to try and purchase the same amount of fruits that I get from the farmers market and purchase these items from my local grocery store. It would cost more.

For example, navel oranges 64 count $22.00. Grocery store 12-16 oranges $6.59 a bag. 6.59 x 4=26.36 that’s $4.36 difference. 

And with Anjou Pears 100 count 32.00, there is no way to get a hundred pears for under $32.00 at my grocery store, the Pears here are sold by the pound. I also purchase Grapes, Blackberries, Strawberries and so much more.
All in all, I am very pleased and will continue to juice our fruits and vegetables.

Looking for a farmers near you. Click here.

Below are some of our favorites

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