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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Insanity...When All You Have To Do Is Walk

I don’t understand why some people that chose to lose weight, will find the most difficult exercise to do to lose it. I.E. Insanity  workouts, PX 90 and more...
Most the time these folks need to lose a lot of weight. And they need to start off with something simple like walking. Especially, if you have 50lbs or more to lose, those intense workout videos will burn you out FAST!
All down my Facebook and twitter timeline, I witnessed ladies bragging about their decision to exercise then boast about the workouts with photos of course. This went on for a strong 2 months. Then the bragging STOPS!
 In my opinion, those exercise videos are meant for the size* of the people who are doing the videos. And let’s keep it real here, most the folks going down your time line, are not anywhere near the size of the people in those videos.
 (Size meaning- athleticism)
However, beginning some sort of exercise program is a wonderful idea, but keep it realistic and simple. 
The easiest exercise one can do is walk. You will lose weight, and feel great.
(I sound like a cheesy commercial)
But seriously, if you can find time to read the crap coming down your timeline, you have time to walk, and if you have more than 50 or more pounds to lose it is the best thing to do and its FREE!
I walk at least three miles a day 6 days a week rain or shine. And I go to the gym an hour a day for the weights and the cycles.
This schedule works for me. I like the idea that even if I don’t get to the gym. I have the outside free and clear to explore.
So get out there and WALK!

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