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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Susan B(itch) Anthony & the Fake Shared Suffrage Movement

Politics and history go hand in hand especially when it comes to understanding what is going on in America today.

As I am typing up this blog, Bloomberg is buying the Democrat Party in real time, proving to me that the auction block has never disappeared, it has transformed however the goal is still the same, to shut Negros up and/or to silence us into demanding what is rightful ours pure reparations.

               However this blog is about the founder of the Women’s Suffrage Movement and her conversation with Frederick Douglass in who should have more “input” on who has the right to vote.
Due to the demands that Ados is placing on politicians, I’ve been hearing this phrase go around called Oppression Olympics, meaning that others will bring up Immigrants or other minority groups that “just” arrived to America and compare their “poverty or struggle(s)” as if, it is the same as; black Americans’ long time, and well documented; history of oppression.

               Here is a short conversation between Susan B and Frederick D. :

“When women, because they are women, are hunted down through the cities of New York, and New Orleans, and when they are dragged from their homes and hung upon a lamp-post.
When their children are torn from their arms and they brains dashed out upon the pavement, when they are objects of insults and outrage at every turn, and when they are in danger of having their homes burnt down over their heads… when their children are not allowed to enter schools; then they will have an urgency to obtain the ballot of EQUAL to our own.”

Susan B (itch). Anthonys’ reply:
…”If you will not give the whole loaf of suffrage to the entire people, give it to the most intelligent first. IF intelligence, justice and morality are to have precedence in the government, let the question of women be brought up first and that of the Negro last”…

Politics and history go hand and hand and we are witnessing today how liberal democrats are willfully ignoring the continue oppression of the United States government on a single group of people Ados…

Other quotes from her: “I will cut off this right arm of mine before I will ever work or demand the ballot for the Negro and not the woman,”

“Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are people who want crops without ploughing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”

Sunday, December 15, 2019

They Were Her Property...My Thoughts #ADOS

What I found sinister as well as ingenious was how white wealth was held in the families. The female would get the slaves and the sons would get the land, that way when they moved on and married other people it was a match made in heaven, she had the slaves to work the land she just married into.
White women were very much a part of slavery and all its dealings. However; we have been programmed to believe that white women were innocent  when it came to slavery and that they were not aware of “men folks business.”
On the contrary, many were being groomed into being successful slave mistresses, just as their counter-parts.

From the book: They Were Her Property: White Women who were Slave Owners in the American South, many slaves were giving to white women as wedding gifts…one slave recalls that one of his owners gave his daughter “50 niggers as a gift…”
I find it interesting that early on during slavery… black women were discourage in having children; because it took away from their “white women bearing children…”, but in 1808 when slavery became illegal from Africa. That law drastically effect white folks income…therefore the prize was child-bearing enslaved females, so they could now breed and begin to record those unions and off-springs…

Slave owning females are recorded forcing their female slaves to have sex with different black men…it did not matter whether that black female was “married.”
One of the many stories of white slave owning women was that how one- started with 30 slaves; however within 10 years she had over 100 all she created mixing and matching black men or any other ((white)) man that paid “the right price” impregnating her “good-nigger gals…”  One slave recalls hearing his white slave owner saying “she wouldn’t depart from her favorite breeding nigger girl for no amount of money!…”

                    Because white women had loss their legal rights to their goods…if there was not a legal letter stating that their property was solely theirs before they got married. When I women got married she was called a “feme covert or married woman. Many white women fathers would leave wills stating that they gave slaves to their daughters to use at their own well and not to be included with their husbands property…that way this legal paper protected their daughters property from her (future) husband(s) misfortunes… because many white men did lose a lot of their belongs and the creditors would sometimes try and take their wives property for payment.
Even though white woman had some restrictions, they at least had the opportunity to have their voices be heard thru the courts, without fear of being killed, raped or their husbands being mutilated for speaking up.
         It was also believed that enslaved peoples didn’t understand what was going on around them, this is a myth: according to the recordings left by freed and former slaves “they were very aware…” what their owners** were doing; considering it was them that was being sold. Many enslaved people also knew what would happen if their owners died with NO will(s) and the risk of being sold to someone else.

                    White women were often at odds with their mates, even though they had some say when their husbands fucked up, they also wanted some form of protection (law) and would often fight for it. Also, white women did not like their husbands very much, and I feel that most white women got married because of their religious beliefs, but more so for social status. And they reproduced with these men only because they both were on the same understood, that nothing was in their way in creating wealth and a legacy.

Yet black people did not have this luxury. We were shipped here together; as a collective, as one unit. We are in this fight together, there is no individual success story, even with white families today; as well as the past, and there was not just one individual that was successful. It was a network, a joint effort to make sure that the wealth stayed in the family…and they made sure that every slave they owned-that those descendants of those slaves-they owned as well.


My thoughts and understanding on the Book: They Were Her Property
A  ADOS book club selection.

**slaves did not refer to their owners as “master”

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Advocate From Where you are...#Ados

         Having information about the racial wealth gap is not supposed to make you sad or depress it’s a tool to help you understand and have the ability to advocate for yourself and your group. The information provided is not intended to have some negative emotional impact on you. 
It is a tool for you to use for your politics, you are in charge of your own internal life and your own feelings. Deal with them accordingly
This is information is for you to just see things as for what it is; as opposed to what you think it should be. 
You are to do politics at the point of where you are now, not where you want to be.

What we suffer from as a group is “structural impediments”-that can be understood as aspects of the external environment that limits to the extent that there are no possible points of agreement.
And these impediments cannot be solved by one individual. This is why charity does not work, evidently that funds run out. Societies are not built on charity; they are built on taxation and re-distribution.
Philanthropy is not the answer.
If these politicians are not speaking about how the structure of society is or if they are not speaking about the hierarchy that is impeded in this society then they are not talking about change. More than likely if they are not speaking about trans-formative change, they have benefited from the status quo…
Ados people need the government the most, yet we are the quickest to condemn the government as “the white man” or “the enemy” my favorite: " I aint beggin" for no hand-outs"….

Michael Bloomberg’s billion $ status is due to government funding and loans…(welfare)*

After graduating from John Hopkins University with a degree in Engineering and dropping into Harvard University to pick up a quick MBA…One of Michael Bloomberg’s first job was with the Investment Bank of Solomon Brothers of New York City. He was to count out the millions of stocks and bonds in the banks vaults. His quick thinking and work ethnics, he soon rose to the ranks of partner at the young age of 30.

I was lucky: Bloomberg stats… My father (a Russian jew) was a bookkeeper who never made more than $6,000 a year**. But I was able to afford Johns Hopkins University through a National Defense student loan, and by holding down a job on campus. My Hopkins diploma opened up doors that otherwise would have been closed, and allowed me to live the American dream.

((TheNational Defense Education Student Loan Act- The National Defense Education Act was signed into law on September 2, 1958, providing funding to United States education institutions at all levels. NDEA was among many science initiatives implemented by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1958…))
**also 6000$ a year in 1940 is $107, 000 in 2019...Bloomberg family was well off...
Use Dollar Times calculator to figure out money in the past and now...

Thursday, November 21, 2019

And you can still just be... #ados #adospolitics #blackagenda

Conscious people are not grounded…most live inside their heads. Many of their ideology is based on aspiration and not reality.
I understand why they thing the way they do from my own experience with that same belief. I too, have heard about all the conspiracy theories…like presidents are selective not elected, that both parties are the slave masters and people who vote are choosing the better master…Now, don’t get me wrong, with all the mess that has taken place in the government, I do understand the “stand-off-ness” when it comes to politics.
These enlighten people believe if they just fix themselves then the problems around you or us will be fixed.  (7 Laws) I believe that, that is only half the issue. There is also this saying “I am in this world, not OF this world”…but you are IN this world tho. Most of us have some sort of physical activities like: your job, and your daily life…if you are trying to buy a home, or if you are seeking a new job or traveling to other countries or states…some form of politics is involved.
Spirituality or Spiritualism has turned into a religion and damn near a cult…with this group think atmosphere. Many have used this “hidden knowledge path” as a shield or tool to not be involved in their communities and to flee those same communities, believing it’s some sort of “Jefferson’s” success.
It is easy to say “the government ain’t neva’ gonna do anything for you.” OR the “white man” is this or that…my favorite is “you just are food for the establishment and those energies are feeding off you”…
The government is not your daddy! You have to demand inclusion…
Sitting back complaining (key board warriors)), or lighting candles during the full-moon is laziness…
                          Prayer without action is noise...

When Social Security came out in the 1930’s African Americans, black folk, were not included in the plan..

In the social security act of 1935 might never have passed without the support from the 141 Democrats from the southern states…many of the Democrats only supported the bill after it got tweaked in committee, so that it excluded farm workers and maids, which represented two-thirds of black workers in the south. ((source))
We fought to be included.

Almost three-fourths (72 percent) of African American beneficiaries rely on Social Security for at least half their income, compared to less than two-thirds (65 percent) of all beneficiaries. Almost 50 percent of African American beneficiaries rely on Social Security for 90 percent or more of their income. ((source))

        It is important to advocate for self not only in the outer- worlds, with libations, honoring the ancestors, and always in healing self…
However ;on this realm, you must also advocate for self, yet understand that there are others who have that same understanding that “we” can come together and FOCUS  on tangibles from our government, that we can demand reparations and redress and demand trans-formative policies to repair the racial wealth gap that is destroying our communities…

And you can still...just be

Monday, November 18, 2019

Giving aid to cause-ADOS

Since I’ve been studying this “new” political path, it is hard to disgust that fact that so many Ados people are fighting so hard against reparations-redress and trans-formative policies. 

These people I speak of are the ones that have a blue check on twitter and some work for major media outlets.

I assumed that if they listened to Yvette Carnell* and Antonio Moore** and what the data shows, understanding that they are not just “lip” service…and with the information that they share would begin their own research on the topic and why the racial wealth gap happened and what you can do politically in your local community by changing individuals (that happen to work in the government), with the data and information one has collected. And that being in front of a "specific" cause does help in making change(s) for your community. Ados message has always stressed the importance of having black politics in your daily life.

My thought is they have to stay “willfully ignorant” in order to keep the positions they are in.
These people are in “high positions” because they were chosen to be there.

      Recognizing that does not diminish the hard work and dedication one did to achieve their goals.
It is just the owners of these platforms they work for, can decide to take all that away…just because you are no longer needed.

You (micro) have no protections. (This is where the government comes in). Ados (macro) are demanding protection(s) for us ALL. IN turn will help you (micro) be protected.
I don’t understand how any of this advocacy- “giving aid to cause” harms them…

Unless… they are afraid…

SN: the current protection laws that were supposed to protect us from discrimination have been flatten or outright gutted, and if you have a case you will need capital to hire an arbitrator to take the case on your behalf…

*Yvette Carnell is a political commentator and has work for the democrat party for many years.

**Antonio Moore has been a Defense attorney in Los Angles Ca. for over 10 years.

Our Allies...Paul Sower...

Friday, November 15, 2019

The National Baptist Convention of America backs ADOS

We ADOS now have the full backing the NBCA...(

The National Baptist Convention of America (NBCA) has announced its support of the American Descendants Of Slavery (ADOS) movement to gain reparations for Black Americans. The convention has a membership of over 3.5 million, according to NBCA President Samuel Tolbert Jr. (source)

This is really great news and this is also “more wind” behind us to push for redress, and reparations for our people. Ados.

Earlier today, I seen a comment from an ados person saying that they were now “done with the ados movement”…((when ados is a lineage not amovement and you can’t “run” away from that))

He was upset that the church is in full support of us, “saying that he feels they are all about the money and they will somehow co-opt the movement.”

 The information that is shared and understood about ADOS ppl is that our focus is a  black agenda…we are connected thru our lineage therefore, there will be Christians, Muslims, Gays, Straight, Bi-sexual, some with one leg and some with no legs, some with weave, some without However, our focus is reparations and trans-formative policies to help our people.

As we are going on this path, we have to learn to “stand on our square”…we don’t have time to argue about which path a person should or should not be following, and we have to learn “to get-out our feelings” when it comes to politics.

It’s not that I don’t understand the mistrust of the church, however; I also have read enough of our history to understand that the church is where our ancestors met up, so they were inform about what was going on in the community.
I also understand, how over time that has changed. However; look at what they are doing NOW.

Sure walk in cation, we all should when it comes to any one or organization that “says our name”.

However, all of this is a political learning process…
And we have to stop throwing away the baby with the bath water.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Garden Update & Pond Photos


1 nice size fruit so far...

My carrot harvest...

Harvesting Dill Seeds

A nice walk around the pond

Black Cherry Tomatoes grow from seed.

Monday, August 18, 2014

House Plant Journal...Cuttings

I am doing an experiment, and seeing if I can propagate more plants from the cuttings of some of my favorite house plants and vegetable plants. There are quite a few videos and blogs that have guided and informed me on how things should be done, so I am very excited to see how mine will turn out...
List not in any order are :Schefflera, Sweet Peppers, Bell Peppers, Spike Dracaena , Alocasia "Polly" Croton Codiaeum, and Pilea..

Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Garden Update...Horn-worms Caterpillars

Manduca Sexta

Beautiful creatures... but will wreck havoc on your tomatoes, tobacco or in my case sweet banana peppers plant.
When its hot they blend in with the healthy green leaves of your plant, you begin to notice damage to your plant, quickly, around dusk or early morning...when the heat of the sun is low, that is when they come to out to eat. And eat they will do, my 3 foot healthy sweet banana plant was down to a good 2 ft. 

My pepper plant is in a 5 gallon buck, so it stands alone on my patio. What I notice was pellet poop, so I assumed it was a rabbit. 
IT look just like rabbit poop.
Then last evening to my surprise half my plant was gone, so as I looked at the plant closely, I notice something moving...BOOM!!!
there they were, 2 lovely critters eating my plant...


Show me someone who never makes a mistake and I'll show you someone who never does anything.