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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Garden_Update Herbs, Cantaloupe and Sweet Banana Peppers

Moon & Stars Watermelon

I was out today, moving things around and getting rid of a few things that did not turn out so good.
Every time I am out there I see something new and exciting, today I can see the leaves on the Moon & Stars plant, showing its spots..:)
My cantaloupe is doing very well; I have also learned that not every bloom on my cantaloupe vine  is a cantaloupe, so far I only see 3...

Here is the biggest...
very early stages

                                                                         Dill Herbs
                                                              And My Sweet Banana Peppers

And take a look at my tiny, Green Peppers...

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Monday, July 14, 2014

My Garden Update

Yellow Squash

 This is Scrappy the neighborhood cat
Lemons from grocery store seeds

Saturday, July 5, 2014

My Garden 2014_update


Another update...
Hoping everyone had a safe Fourth of July...

Wally world had a 50% OFF sale on plants, so I picked up a few up today.

As for my garden it is growing nicely...
Here are a few photos...


This was my cantaloupe a few days after transplanting...
about the end of June..

This was my cantaloupe plant a week ago

my cantaloupe today...(july 5th 2014)
She loves her compost tea..

This is why its important to label things..;)
I have no idea what these are...
I think they are beans..

These are beans..:)

Very Soon this entire trellis will be full...
Happy Gardening...
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Garden...update 2014

I just took some pictures of my organic garden...I have been lacking in updating my blog garden...hence todays' update, so  I have growing, Beets, Cabbage, Lettuce, Green Peppers, Banana Peppers, Carrots, Corn (not looking so good), watermelon, and some unknown seeds I planted in the pink planter..
They are all heirloom seeds...
I also have African Marigolds to help with pest. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Awareness...Infinite Beings

Getting what you want is not hard, because remember, it’s how you think about your world.
I believe what makes us think it’s hard to achieve our desires is “time.” 
We are processing time and how long it’s taking for our manifestations to come through.
 We go through this so-called tough time, or trouble period. 
And in that “time frame” negative thoughts come in, and we begin to think; This will never end. 
OR I’ll never get what I want because this is always happening to me.

However, if we already know we have what are heart desires, our mood changes, we begin to feel calmer, wiser and we just accept; 
I have to experience “this” to get to “that.”
Then we become more appreciative of every moment, of every experience WE have created.

Change the way you think, and you will change your world.

Interesting article: 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Move Like A Turtle... with purpose

Idleness is not a waste of time, when time is irrelevant, preparation
 for truth* is what it is.

Idleness definition is to do nothing, to be stagnant, a lack of development…

               Preparation for truth… is knowing what it ** looks like when it arrives.

You have no control over how it will come, that’s for the Universe to decide.

Your job is to know you have it and thank source for providing.

*What is your it??

**What is your truth??

Thursday, February 13, 2014

We Are Biological Machines...Infinite Being

The other day when I updated my computer's antivirus software, the new software notified me that there was another antivirus scan already downloaded and it may interfere with the new program; it even prompted me on how to remove it

So I did and the new software downloaded successfully.

While it was downloading I decide to purchase some new vitamins capsules called Chaga Mushrooms, and to do some more research on these mushrooms, and I came across an article that stated that Chaga Mushrooms may have an adverse reaction to some prescription drugs.
So I thought why is that? 
Why would this natural vitamin cause an adverse reaction?

So what came to me was...

"For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction."

Chaga is like the new software you take its positive solution to heal self; it then enters the body and once there, recognizes that something else is already here. 
And how do you physically recognize the old software? 
By you physically getting sick, and 
how does your body delete it?

You either throw it up or shit it out. Sometimes both…

I've come to believe that we are biological computers, we get viruses and if we do, we then download…
i.e. Eat, drink or inject some sort of antivirus remedy, whether it’s prescribed or holistic, for protection. 

Therefore, it’s important that we are fully aware of what we take into our bodies.

We must always protect our Mind, Body and Soul.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Clear Your Own Path...Infinite Being

Why do you carry the weight of the world on your shoulder?
Do you enjoy the pain? Do you enjoy having that “upset” feeling, when external things don’t go the way you hoped?
Your head and back are hurting for a reason; carrying others emotional baggage is heavy when you combine it with your own.
So let it go! Please understand that you have no control over what happens in the outside world.
But you do have control over your own.
What I have learned on my journey of enlightenment is to say everything is perfect. And take responsibility for my own feelings, and deal with them accordingly.  I like to think of my positive thoughts as a machete clearing the path that is already there. My heart knows whatever I want to manifest already exist. 
And my “mind’s eye” or our third eye, already sees it.

Clear your path, live in joy and know self.


Show me someone who never makes a mistake and I'll show you someone who never does anything.