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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Zipper Pouch Tutorial from a beginner

I mentioned in a previous blog that I took sewing classes in middle school and even though
I didn't like the class; learning how to thread a sewing machine was probably the best things I have learned from that class. I recently purchased a Brothers Sewing Machine and it really was like riding a bike. I knew exactly how to thread it. The bobbin and everything, one of my recent orders a client purchased a couple of beautiful rings and I needed a way of shipping them without having to order boxes.
So, I searched the net and found a really cool tutorial on how to make pouches. My son’s jeans are no longer fitting him, so I used his old jeans and old tee-shirt for the lining.
It worked perfectly…
I made no reference to the bag when I sent it…once she received her rings she sent me a personal note thanking me for the lovely pouch.
Receiving that email made me feel good, because it’s little details like that, making of the pouch that makes a person not just a customer but a long term client.
Well not to get off track but today I made this nice zipper pencil pocket.
 It has been over 20 years; since I made anything with a zipper, but I was determined that I was going to find a simple tutorial on installing a zippers, and I did here and here…
So I am sharing with you my sewing skills or lack thereof …
So be kind… “I am an artist and I am sensitive about my shit!”

Peace Love and Olive Oil Yaw’l
 What I used:
2  4.5X12.50 
1 Felt 9x12 
10" Zipper (nylon)
sewing machine

 I like going to hobby lobby and picking up some fat quarters
measure out 2
 cut your felt in half

Sew straight down your fabrics

Then sew straight across the top

  Pen the other side to the top of the zipper sew across. Then down

Make sure seams of matches the zipper seam.
Sew down
Open your zipper a bit, so that you can turn the piece inside out
once you are done sewing.

Seams and Zipper Centered
Once all sewed up turn inside out...

Now you have this!!

Practice makes perfect.
 I will defiantly make a few more.
I have a baby shower to attend and I think this will be a nice gift for the mom to be.
Different colors and I will line it next time.
Do I hear another blog??
Thanks for stopping by.

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