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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hair Dye...My Hair Journey

I have some pictures that I took a couple of days ago. I love to exeriment with my hair with dyes...And now that I am natural or relaxer free I often change my hair color. 

Right before Christmas, I partially dyed my hair a permanent midnight black/blue. 
Since the black is permanent and I am not using a remover. ( I hear that there's some difuser you can use to get rid of black dye.) I decided to lighten my hair in stages. I use a developer number 30 and a lighening powder all of these items can be found at your local hair store. 

(((You know the ones that have mostly Asian employees)))...

All under 10 bucks!!
(Note: Because of the ingredients in developer is Peroxide. Please do a strand test to make sure that you have no allergric reaction to these chemicals and use rubber gloves)

The amount I used was half and half using the plastic container as a guide, I poured half the developer half way and then use half a package of lightening powder. I left the solution on my hair for approximately 35 mins. Periodically, checking the process of my hair. Of course the roots dyed faster because of the new growth and the ends took longer to lighten up because they had already been dyed black/blue. 

(((Since my hair was already blue/black and yellow and blue makes green...Adding a yellow base solution, peroxide, to your hair will make it true green!! 
SO if you plan on lightening your hair and you have recently colored it black/blue...get some red dye. That will cover the green.)))

Now in saying all that, I was prepared for the green...
in some of my pictures you can see the green coming through...
When it comes to putting any type of chemicals in your hair. Do your research talk to a beautician, youtube or google, you will definately find some valuable information.

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