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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pedestals With a Faux-Concrete -How to

Materials and Tools:
two 1x6x8 pieces of pine (yields three pedestals)
primer, texturing medium and black paint tint
puck lights
nail gun
wood glue
chop saw
1. For each pedestal, cut the pine into four equal pieces to your desired height.
2. Apply wood glue to the edges then nail together each piece creating a rectangle box.
3. On the top of the pedestal, use a router to cut a lip on the inside to make a place for the Plexiglas to sit.
4. Apply primer to the outside of the pedestal.
5. Add tint to the texture medium until you get an uneven slate-gray color.
6. Use a trowel to smoothly apply the texture medium to the outside of the pedestal.
7. Cut Plexiglas into a square to fit inside the top lip of the pedestal.
8. Place the puck light inside the pedestal from the bottom

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