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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bamboo-Covered Bench- how to

Materials and Tools:
one box of bamboo flooring
construction adhesive and wood glue 
one sheet medium-density fiberboard (MDF) 
- cut one top piece 
- cut two sides the length of the bench
- cut two sides the width of the bench
one sheet MDF for the legs
two 1x4 pine boards
table saw and miter saw
trowel, screw gun and nail gun
1. Assemble the top of the bench by gluing and screwing the MDF pieces together to form a hollow box.
2. Cut two pieces of the 1x4 pine to the length of bench. Attach them to the underside of the box for support. Cut smaller pieces to sandwich in between the boards and hold the legs in place.
3. To create the legs, cut down four strips MDF and nail them together into a square leg. Repeat to build five legs.
4. Attach the legs to the underside of the bench.
5. Cut the bamboo planks to fit across top. Use a miter saw to cut the edge pieces at 45 degree angles.
6. Spread adhesive over MDF and set bamboo pieces in place interlocking each piece tightly.
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