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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Majestic...Our Home some updates.

The master bedroom
Our master-bed room toilet is in a room to itself...

We have been here now for 2 months and with that being said we are still coming up with new ideas of how and what we would like in our home. 
So far I have purchased some in expensive pictures from Fred's, Family Dollar and Big Lots. 
All have some really great cha kees,such as vases, pictures and some really nice love, live, laugh home decor items.
I think I did a good job in purchasing art work that did look like cheap store brought pictures.

This is upstairs near the loft area. 
Still bear however, this gives me some idea to what I would like to
do in this area. 
I may just move the organizer altogether.

Here is the other side of the wall in the same area.
The door in the background is my laundry room...
This picture was the picture I refurbished/ re-do project...
I think it really looks nice
All in all the my ideas are coming along nicely.
And I can't wait to show you guys the finish room...


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