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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Buy 1 Get second half OFF details here

Black Friday and Cyber Monday was a huge success for me and I was so pleased with the results.
I really enjoyed Cyber Monday to which I offered buy one at regular price and get the second half off...

There will be a few special deals going down for next 3 weeks
From Dec 3rd to 21st 2012

~~~Mondays buy one jewelry item at regular price get the second half off**

~~~Tuesday if you make any jewelry purchase you will
Get a free pair of post/stud earrings…

~~~~Wednesday its back to Buy one jewelry item and
the get second jewelry item half off**

~~~Thursdays any jewelry purchase
You will receive one wood bracelet of my choosing…

~~Friday you will get 20% OFF your entire order (jewelry ONLY). Use this code

**Your money will be refunded within 24-48 hours once purchase is completed.
**lesser priced item qualifies for this offer.
**Only 1 Item will get half off.

I now have over 200 items in the shop and every day adding more unique and beautiful pieces.

Questions email me at

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