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Friday, January 11, 2013

Mingz Plant Base Diet

Today was an excellent day, me and my daughter made our way to our local farmer’s market.


I purchased, a crate full of red apples, mangoes, oranges, and kale paid 50$ for it all…

I am not sure at this point how much money or how much more I will be spending converting my family totally raw.

I believe the cost will be high when it comes to purchasing the more reliable blenders, and juicers.   
However, the cost does not matter to me at this point because the long term effects of eating unhealthy cost more.

I am very excited about this journey…
So far I have found some really cool videos one is this

Beautiful young lady name Kristina who has a totally Raw Food Youtube Channel.

And Back2LiveFoods, another  lovely sista, she has a few videos on youtube preparing live foods as well.

Thanks for reading...

11lbs loss 
6 days in….

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