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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dyed my hair-Mingo's Natural hair journey

One of the main reasons I decided not to relax my hair any more is because I love to change the color. In the past, I have dyed my hair just for it to fall out because it’s not a good idea to use semi-permanent hair dye or permanent dyes on relaxed hair.
It says that on the box.
Here is a link for the FCIC about hair relaxers and dyes.

In saying that here are some pictures of my new color, I have always loved the color blue/black but I could not find the brand that I used once before. So used Soft Sheen Carson's Midnight Black on the back the sides and in the very front.

Then on the very top; I use an Indigo/blue Semi-permanent hair dye. The problem that I have with the Indigo blue is that it advises you not to make contact with scalp;however, you really can not help that. But eventually the blue will leave the scalp.
(Warning this dye will dye anything blue once  I was done I found blue dots all over the bathroom)

My hair right before I dyed it the blue

As you can see on the back of my scalp is some blue dye stain...
Yesterday I used purple and it really didnt take but it did leave a dark stain on my scalp...
(Prior to the blue)
Here are the results.
I do like the color black on natural hair because on me, it makes my curls pop and they are more defined. As you can also see. The stain the blue leaves on the scalp. I could not help but have the blue drip. I did keep a wet towel around and would patriotically checked around the edges of my hair so that the blue did not stay there for very long. Rubbing alcohol also helps in removing some of the stain.
Front View

The Back

Side View

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