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Friday, January 28, 2011

Eclectic Creations Featuring Mingz Creations

Up close and Personal

Every now and again I like to give an up close and personal look
at my creations. So today I am featuring several of my pieces that I feel need a closer look.
Here are the:
Hanisi "j" Hook Earrings

I love these earrings stung on a gold plated wire using red wood beads chrisom and white craved beads, I curved the wire in a “J” shape
small shells and a faux Asian coin
also on wire are black wood tusk accented with a African brass coin, with my usual remix of antique brass, bronze & gold plated metals...
last but not least feathers each piece has 5 feathers each...
of black and orange/black to finish the piece...

Non~tarnished silver wire
Holds round hematite beads
Accented with Pink Jasper Tiger beads 
& white shells

light to medium weight.

measures 1" wide & 1"long

Available in Sterling Silver Ear Hooks
Or Silver Plated Ear Hooks

Hematite Folklore, Legend and Healing Properties:

*      In ancient times it was believed that large deposits of hematite formed on battlegrounds where soldiers were injured and lost blood from their battles.

*      The ancient Egyptians placed hematite objects inside their tombs.

*      Hematite is believed to be a healing and grounding stone, strengthening the body and lessening life's stresses.

*      It is thought to reduce stress and enhance one's personal magnetism. It is also thought to increase optimism and courage and helpful in transforming negativity.

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