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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I love being NORMAL!!!

I love being NORMAL!!

I was recently talking to a friend of mine who has recently decided to transition from relax to natural. She has been asking me questions and she has voiced that she hopes she has the patience to keep up with the protective styles. So she can stay on this natural journey.
And I can so relate to her concerns. I know for me in the beginning, the first 6 months, were the pits; I could picture how my hair was going to look even in the beginning. I would twist; braid and roller set every chance I could. Some of the styles came out wonderful and some not so good. For the first four months it seemed as if my hair would never grow long enough, so that I could sport some of the cutest styles.
I was a You Tube FANATIC!!
From PrettyDimples to BlackOnyxx I was religiously watching You Tube videos. And I learned a great deal from them. So thank you ladies!!

Eighteen months ago; I decided to do “the big chop” and at the time I decided to cut my hair off, I didn’t realize how huge the natural hair community was.
Just as there are so many of us, women of color, with different shades of bronze, browns and chestnuts, there are also many textures of hair for loose curls to springy coils.

We represent it all.
Some of what I have learned about my community are the many different reasons, we decide to go natural, either we are tired of relaxing our hair or we are on a spiritual journey what ever the decision was; its comforting knowing someone else has the same concerns, worries and questions. And that there was a place to go to get answers to some of the questions I had.

This journey has taking me on different paths, and I appreciate each detour, road block, and sometimes dead end.

My motto is. “It would not be a journey without some detours.”
So in saying all this, it feels good to be able to offer someone else some advice, and encouragement.
Therefore, they too can appreciate the beauty of ‘being normal’.

Peace Love and Oil Olive Yaw’l


This is my hair goal!!


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