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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What will make your nappy head grow hair????


OKAY... Correct me if I am wrong...there is not a product on the market that "makes your hair grow" the products that "naturals" use on there hair from-Shea butter-to hibiscus...strengthen and regenerates our hair...meaning (re) turning it back to the state it was BEFORE we relaxed it! HEALTHY AND STRONG.... In my opinion none of these things MAKE YOUR HAIR grow...Time, and the love for YOU encourages that growth!

That is what I posted on my facebook let me explain my temper tantrum...
I have been blogging and you tubing for sometime now and come to see that many have taken advantage of the having there own channel talking about puppies to how to build a nerf gun. And that is great. My interest was they have progressed blah blah of course as I am making my natural hair travels I soon have some favorites. However, as I matured with my hair and began to understand what works for my hair and what does not. These same people whom I felt were very knowledgeable about products and hair styles. Really are just clever enough to have a lot of "FANS"...
Now, I have come across this one girl, but she is not the only one, she first did a lot of videos about hair styles, how she dyes her hair, and how she is learning from "YOU TUBERS" she says with a valley girl ascent...

So, now she has put up a website selling jewelry and hair care products...don't get me wrong...if you have found a market and start your own business that is great!
That what I have decided to do, however, her products are terrible to say it politely. Her earrings are Wal-Mart brand beads, and she is trying to pass them off as being funky fresh...that’s bullshit. Not only that she has created some hair care line claiming it “made her hair grow”…No it did not. Hence the facebook comment this morning…NO PRODUCT CAN makes one hair grow…Oh then she labels everything diva this and chica fabulous that...hiding the unprofessional and tacky look of the items she is selling.
It’s sad to me because I love to make earrings having been making earrings for awhile now. I take pride in my work an my business, I sell my products because I love the idea of knowing someone is out there wearing my one of a kind Saide Hoop Earring or my Shani Ear Drop Collection and of course making a little money is an incentive, but hopefully it's and encouragement to do better...she may have handmade her products but that sure as hell does not make them cute or worth buying. It is my opinion she needs to go back and retake that course on Marketing 101, because it’s ashame that she would sell those horrible designs and call it a business.
original post 3/2/10
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