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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Good Day

Today has been a good day. 
My kids have returned from the mid-west. They visit they're dad on summer breaks...and today is also the first time they have seen their new rooms with all the bells and whistles...It was great to hear Mykala scream...

and My son yelled I got a new AIRSOFT Gun COOL!...LOL...

Anywho, today as I waited for them to fly in; 
I decided to paint this old bamboo table that I purchased at Goodwill 4 years ago, 

I think it turned out nice. 

Its in foyer, and I plan on doing a lot more editing to this room.
in the mean time let me tell you a little about the items
that Asian statue was once gold. EWW

So, I sprayed painted it red. 
The item in the middle is just another Asian motif they we inherited with our move,
and the two vases are paper mache vases that I made....
I know blah, blah...but all in do time.
No rush....
Thanks for stopping by!
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