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Monday, October 25, 2010

Time to DYE!!!

Well at least twice a year I dye my hair. 
I don't want to over do that because, I have had sooo many incidents of coloring my hair and it would break off...granted; I was relaxing my hair, but I still suffer from post traumatic "hair dye" disorder...LOL
The color I chose was Pumpkin Orange...I currently have red or reddish tint in my hair..and to be honest I have been running across a lot of natural chicks with the same color...
(yeah that grinds my gears)...:)

Once, I lighten my hair with a developer and a booster. I then do a oil treatment to my hair. I know that most salons or professionals, which I am not, say not to wash your hair right after a coloring, but in my opinion the peroxide is soo strong you can feel the stiffness and I don't like that. 

((Also there is really no need  to re- lighten your hair again. You can also use a color booster. 
I just wanted to lighten a different area of my hair then where it was originally colored or lightened.))

Ok...I am sharing some pictures of the results, before and after..

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My goofy smile

Like the earrings?? ;)

Shameless Plug (Eclectic Creations)

I love taking pictures in the sun-light...

My naps are poppin!

Eco-styling gel (clear)

Again, thanks for coming by...

Peace, Love & Olive Oil!

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