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Monday, January 3, 2011

Eclectic Creations Give Away (its OVER) thanks to all


hello friends
I am would to say thank you to all the positive energy that I
have been receiving. 
It makes a sista proud to know I have beautiful brown face supporting me. 

"throws peace sign". 

So in appreciation; I would like to give you a lil' sumthang, sumthang...
On top of the 15% you receive on your order entering code 45912...

If you spend 20$ or more I'll throw in ONE PAIR of earrings or similar (will use the same colors. Red/black/green/yellow)....

                                  (They measure about 1" wide & long)
                                           very light weight
                                       rubber back for added security...

Therefore upon check out in the "comment to seller" 

Please put the word "appreciation" to receive your pair of earrings.

Again thanks for your support!

Eclectic Creations On Etsy

this promotion/sale ends January 7th, 2011 10pm EST!!!


of course it would not be a giveaway without a disclaimer..
the word "appreciation" must be in the comment box..


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