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Friday, September 28, 2012

Eclectic Creations: Custom Dress Forms & Mannequins

Thanks for stopping by.
What a summer it has been.
I posted in July "Summer in the Studio"
And that is were I've been most the summer, in the studio.

My current endeavor are custom dress forms
Today I present to you this beautiful dress form 
Her name is Nayla she is wearing a lovely chocolate paper skirt. The texture of the paper makes the skirt appear to be leather or snake skin. 
Then a natural twine belt that is decorated with a West African antique silver plated mask adorned with a olive green crystal bead, and her shirt is a elegant vintage paper outlined with twine. 
The twine around the front is also accented with chocolate, beige and pearl cream glass dots.

My dress forms will make a wonderful addition to your store front, web store, home or office. 
She also makes a great gift. 
If you are interested in one custom made for you. Email me
Or visit my store.

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