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Thursday, February 13, 2014

We Are Biological Machines...Infinite Being

The other day when I updated my computer's antivirus software, the new software notified me that there was another antivirus scan already downloaded and it may interfere with the new program; it even prompted me on how to remove it

So I did and the new software downloaded successfully.

While it was downloading I decide to purchase some new vitamins capsules called Chaga Mushrooms, and to do some more research on these mushrooms, and I came across an article that stated that Chaga Mushrooms may have an adverse reaction to some prescription drugs.
So I thought why is that? 
Why would this natural vitamin cause an adverse reaction?

So what came to me was...

"For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction."

Chaga is like the new software you take its positive solution to heal self; it then enters the body and once there, recognizes that something else is already here. 
And how do you physically recognize the old software? 
By you physically getting sick, and 
how does your body delete it?

You either throw it up or shit it out. Sometimes both…

I've come to believe that we are biological computers, we get viruses and if we do, we then download…
i.e. Eat, drink or inject some sort of antivirus remedy, whether it’s prescribed or holistic, for protection. 

Therefore, it’s important that we are fully aware of what we take into our bodies.

We must always protect our Mind, Body and Soul.

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