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Monday, January 11, 2010

Protective Winter Treatment-Mango & Illipe Butter

Good Morning ,
It is cold this morning, and like most of you my skin gets dry in the winter.
Before going natural, I had never given it much thought about my hair being dry...
In the summer Shea Butter was wonderful for my skin as well as my hair. However, when I use it in my hair, especially during the winter, the shea butter is not lasting as long. Meaning my hair is not as soft and becomes dry in less than a day.
 So, I have been using my Mango Illipe Butter on my hair and notice that not only does those butters last longer in my hair (as long as a week). My hair is a lot softer and managable.
I believe, its the Mango butter.  If you read my blog... I describe the texture of Mango Butter as gritty.. and after melting and then turning back into a solid the Mango Butter DOES NOT lose that texture. Therefore, once you rubbed the butters in your hand and onto your hair it takes longer to desolve or melt into the hair. Even though there is a "flakey" like residue (if not allowed to completely melt into the palms of hands)  the butter slowly  melts into the hair down to the scalp.
Causing it to last longer and adhere to the hair better.
I love it. And its great for the skin!

I have some

I am no longer selling this product. Sorry
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