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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mango Illipe Butter Creme~Natural Hair Condition

My Mango Illipe Butter Creme
I love trying new things and I have been experimenting with exotic butters such as Mango and Illipe Butters. Both have some wonderful properties and since they are natural it’s good for your hair as well as your skin.

And with the winter months ahead we naturals will need some added moisture to our hair to keep it healthy and these butters help keep hair moisturized which reduces breakage.
Illipe Nuts come from a tree that is native to Southeast Asia and Borneo. Illipe butter has long lasting moisturizing attributes, it is most known for its skin softening qualities, it consistency is resembles that of coco butter; however, it has a higher melting point (takes longer to melt). Illipe butter Refined has a slight earthy nutty smell that can be masked by using, lavender scents.
Mango butter refined is a soft, lumpy, solid butter…even though this butter comes for the kernels of the mango tree the butter I purchase did not have a smell. Despite the lumpy grainy texture that Mango butter has it melts instantly on the skin.

 This is IIipe Butter
Mango Butter
How I make my Mango Illipe Butter

½ cup Illipe Butter (refined)
½ cup Mango Butter (refined)
1 tsp of olive oil
2 or 3 drops of Essential Oil (please research the oils before using on your skin)

Put hot water into medal bowl…
Place the plastic bowl into the water with the Illipe and Mango butter inside and stir until it all melts. Sit into the refrigerator for about an hour and it turns solid.

(Please do not microwave any of your butters)

That’s it!
It feels great.
This is what I used...

This is Illipe Butter
This butter is very hard and takes longer to melt than Mango Butter.

This is the Mango Butter as you can see it has a griddy texture. However it melts instantly once it makes contact with your skin.

Once it becomes solid the texture of the Mango Butter will come through so if you don’t like the grit you may not want to use the Mango butter. However if you do, just remember that you must allow the butter to melt into the palms of your hands completely to avoid the dandruff look…

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