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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nappy Ass Head

Random thoughts..

I was thinking, as I was twisting my hair, on how many dumb mistakes I have made with my hair when it was relaxed.
From putting in a Jeri Curl so that I could receive that shiny “GOOD HAIR”.
Then once that look grew old, 6 weeks later, I reapplied a relaxer…
WAS straight up BALD within a matter of minutes.

As I have read blogs and researched so many natural sistas sites many of them have one thing in common and that is the negativity they have received for going natural. And the really sad thing is the negativity is coming from the women who say they PRO-BLACK. 
Yet they get their hair relaxed, weaved and pretend that shit is theirs. 
But I digress.

 I will confess that I have not received any negative comments from family or friends members so that’s a blessing.

So, now here I am 10 months natural and loving every minute of it.
Sure there were some frustrations and that was mainly figuring out what gels or conditioners work well with my hair. However, the rewards are the milestones I have been able to do with my hair and the many roads my journey of learning my hair has taken me. From comb coils when I was only 3 months post BC, to two-strand flat twist. And I’m still not done!
My goal is to have two huge ass afro puffs; 
I mean saucer size puffs 2…
Yet shiny GOOD HAIR!!

Ya feel me??
I do not know who she is...
but I dig her puffs...

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