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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tile Coffee Table

existing wrought iron coffee table – square or rectangular
travertine tiles
ceramic accent tiles
3/4-inch plywood
knotty pine boards
biscuit joiner
biscuit joints
thin set 
stone sealer
wood glue
tile cutter
table or circular saw
chop saw
For the bottom shelf:
1. Cut pieces of knotty pine strips to the exact measurement of the bottom shelf of the table.
2. Using biscuit joiner, attach strips together using biscuits and wood glue. Allow pieces to dry.
Figure A - Three boards are joined together then stained for the bottom shelf of the table.
3. Stain the wood and let dry.
4. Insert piece onto the coffee table's existing framework.
For the top shelf:
4. Cut 3/4-inch plywood to exact measurement of existing frame.
Figure B - Carefully layout and mark your pattern before applying adhesive to your tile.
5. Determine the layout of your tile and measure each piece. Use a pencil to mark the layout on the plywood.
6. Using a tile cutter, cut travertine tiles to appropriate size and design.
7. Attach all tiles to the top of plywood using thinset.
8. Allow time for the tiles to dry. Apply sealer.

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