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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Old-World Style Console Table

Materials and Tools:

narrow reclaimed door
reclaimed 2x3 wood
sanding discs
clean rags
wood glue 
wood screws
scrap wood
stain (ours was Minwax brand, oil-based stain, Provencial 211)
water-based polyurethane
spray paint (ours was Rust-oleum brand, Laquer Specialty, High Lustre coating in black)
painter’s tape
table saw
miter saw
screw gun
paint roller with a small foam pad
1. With a screwdriver, remove any hardware from the reclaimed door. Then cut the door to size with a table saw.
2. Cut reclaimed 2x3s to size with the table saw. Then cut the corners at a 45-degree angle with the miter saw.
3. Sand the door and all 2x3s to remove any old finish or paint then wipe clean with a damp rag.
Figure A
4. Flip the door over so that it rests face down. Attach the 2x3 framing wood using glue and a screw gun. This will allow the top of the console to be flush since the door and 2x3s will most likely be differing thicknesses (figure A).
5. Flip the framed-out door back over and sand the top again to smooth away any unevenness.
Figure B
6. Attach legs with glue and screws to the scrap pieces of wood and then attach leg enhancements to the underside of the console at the four corners. The addition of wooden blocks to the legs will make attaching legs easier because screws can go straight into blocks rather than into the legs at an angle (figure B).
7. Apply stain to the entire piece with a clean dry rag wiping away any excess. When dry, apply a coat of polyurethane.
Figure C
8. While the protective coat dries, cut iron pieces to size with a grinder (figure C). Then spray paint the pieces and allow them to dry completely.
9. Line up the iron onto the front legs of the table and mark where holes should be drilled. Predrill holes by placing a wooden block under the iron to prevent slippage. You may also want to place a small piece of painter’s tape onto the iron where hole will be drilled, so the tip of the drill will catch better.
10. Once holes have been drilled, attach decorative iron onto the front legs of the piece for a finished look.
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