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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tomingo's World- My Natural Hair Journey Update

I have been natural now for 14 months and I can not stress enough to how great I feel that I made that decision.
For the most part I don't have any kind of ritual or schedule when it comes to my hair. Not knocking others that do.
I rarely use shampoo on my hair, a funny thought because the picture above. I had just shampooed my hair and blow dried it. It had been about 2.5 weeks since my last shampoo.

I CO-wash my hair everyday. Meaning I use conditioner not shampoo to wash my hair. Shampoo if  used on a daily basis, will strip the hair of its natural moisture and cause my hair to be brittle and break.

Well anywho, I was bored and decided to take a picture of my fro...
I love it. My pony puff is so puffy...;)

Happy 2B Nappy

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