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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Home Update-The Majestic

This is the Kitchen
This will be a quick update to our home. Well we received some bad news yesterday and that is that the closing will be on the 30th and not the 25th. Yeah, I am upset but its OK our Realtor said that the builder has a lot more work to do. I think they knew the house would not be finished in time. But we all wanted to make sure we beat the deadline for the tax credit and we did!!! 
So here are some updated pictures of my blank canvas. 
As we speak, the cabinets are done and later next week my granite counter tops go in!!!
 kitchen island

The Desk in the kitchen and the kitchen

this is the foyer..can hardly wait to see the Bamboo here!

This is the master-bed room bath room
(side note this was suppose to a vanity and a sink. 
my hubby thinks that because you can not sit there with that door open. The builder may have adjusted the plans. If I have not mentioned this already, the house we are having built is the 1st time this builder has built this model home. 

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