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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Home Made way...

I love to bake bread, it makes the house smell yummy and the kids love it after school with a glass of milk. 
Saves a ton on sweet snakes, and a bit more healthier. 
Any who, I wanted to share with you guys pictures of my home made bread.
Too bad scratch and sniff computers have not be invented yet! 
Because it smells YUMMY in here!!
Well, yeah its not very attractive...
thats because I did a boo boo!! I added more water while it was kneading...
it looked a bit dry and crumpling (when I peeked into the window), then I took it out kneaded it myself a bit, stuffed it back in and "TA dA "this is what I got!
Frankenstein Bread!!

Very moist inside...

Great with butter or jam


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