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Monday, August 23, 2010

My new Fur Baby!!

Maximilian Adebesi this is my new fur baby we just received today...aint he the cutest???

Well, we have our new fur baby and yes he is a full blooded American Pit Bull Terrier...and yes I am afraid of pits. So why did I get one? Because of the fear and ignorance of the breed.
 I have researched and learned that American Pit-bulls are second to the most nicest dog, second to Labs, and through time, media, and talk shows, showing the damaged this bred is capable of. Its no wonder why pits are feared and so misunderstood. 
I am in love with my Addy...he's so sweet..and stubborn already which is a typically of this bred, however they are very intelligent and one of the only breeds that was bred to be loyal to MAN.

So here is my little man...he is so adorable!

6 weeks old


Doesn't he have the pretties eyes??

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