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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Asian (sort-of) Wall Art

Lots of picts...

Hello everyone wanted to share with you my little project I did today.
I purchased these bamboo table mats at Big Lots earlier in the summer. 
And had some ideas to what I wanted to do with them like make some floor mats for my kitchen, because I am still hunting for the perfect floor mats...
Instead I decided to make Asian Wall art. *sort of
At first I was going to cut out stencils and paint but decided to do what I use to tell my student
"free hand it" and just be creative. 

Yup a buck!!

I hot glued three of the mats together from the back making sure that the letters in the front are facing the right way...

Firmly pinching the seams together for a few seconds...

Then with my trusty paint brush, I free handed some Asian characters, after looking at some internet art.

I think it turned out  great!

It is now hanging on the wall in the loft area...
my hubby came home for lunch and said..
"Hey you need to make another one.."
I like the sound of that!

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