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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Growing MY Garden 2011

I am growing a garden...Beans, Okra, Gourds and Herbs...
I am far from being a gardener! But I think its great to be able to take a few seeds and in a few short weeks, you have a garden.
So in saying that since I am a beginner, and I know I will make some mistakes but that is ok.
We learn from our mistakes.
I am posting a few pictures of my beginning stages.
To start I placed a few seeds, in a moist paper towels. Then I placed them in the window. It took about 5 days before they germinated.
Then I put them in these recyclable pots that can go straight into a mini~green house or in the ground! Only 1.50 at Walmart and you get about 14.
I also have some Miracle grow sticks and placed them with the seeds, for that added nutriments. 
And I added water
I will keep you all posted on my progress. 

Thanks for stopping by.


UPDATE 2014 I no longer use Miracle Grow and will never use it again!

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