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Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to Make a Light Box for your Jewelry!

Today I would like to take the time out and show you how to make a Picture Box. I am a firm believer that if you want to make something, try and find things around the house that will work. I am fortunate enough to have the perfect natural lightening most the day.
However, my inspirations do not always come when the sun is out. And I don’t have patients therefore, as soon as I am finished with a piece and it’s perfect.
I like to take pictures.

I am sure you may have seen this project done on other blogs, and for the life of me I can  not find links for the one I seen years ago demonstrating this project.
If you come across the link;
please link  it to your comment, so I can give credit were credit is due.

Now this is what you will need:

Scissors and/or an exacto knife
White Computer Paper
Tissue paper or tracing paper (vellum)
And a nice size cardboard box
(NEW MOMS the boxes your baby’s diapers came in)
I used an Eggos’ Box we shop Sam’s Club ;)

Now cut the sides out of the box leaving about 1.5” on the sides (did not measure)
It doesn't matter if its uneven you will not see it!

Then with the tissue paper tape it to the opening you just cut
And tape!

Now tape some white computer inside the box

Now for the top of my box I used Vellum
Below are th pictures I took using the Picture box!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope this little project helps
with your picture taking.

The picture below was taken outside FULL Sun!
So the light box does nice work don't you think?

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