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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Next Project Hypertufa

My universe is abudundant and sometimes, it’s hard to decide what to do next!
My future projects are clays i.e. Polymers or Kiln types and Hypertufa,
I’ve done a blog on Hypertufa sometime ago, click here to learn more.

Above is a picture I’ve sketched…
The beginning…I guess this is the point where history is being made…
LOL (feelings of grandeurs)…

Any who, I am not going to reveal too much
Well, a little hint:

I love ZEN, and the concepts of Feng Shui to incorporate all elements of mother earth in your home from water like fountains, and earth such as natural stones, plants and organic elements…
A nice fountain always sounds great when you need to relax, read a book or listen and
Plants have shown to clean many of the pollutants found in our air.

So, something along those concepts is my next endeavor…

What is your next endeavor?


More Hypertufa inspirations links below 

And to see some great pictures

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