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Friday, February 11, 2011

Eclectic Creations Volume 2 (up close & personal)

Hello and Welcome,
Now and again I like to feature my items that are available for purchase...
I think its important to see a different view point then what some venues give...
So today I am spotlighting some beautiful accessories that were created by me.

original designs....

The Fuvu Bracelet...

Fuvu in Swahili means-Skull

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a jewelery designer, are the endless possibilities.

This piece is made of white wood wheels
separated with tan bone rondelle beads
and craved bone from West Africa...

The bones are of a skull, and other unique markings...

Ujasiri in Swahili means~courage

This piece was made with beautiful craved
10MM black wood beads

rondelle white wood beads

and West African craved bone

The beauty of this piece is the ancient style of mixed metals
The Focal point is the 2"long African Dyed Bone...
Genuine leather cord (tan)...and its
wrapped with a bright copper wire....
Mahogany beads with bright copper beads adds a bit of
elegance to this piece.

antique hooks finishes these beauties.

very light weight
hangs about 5.5" 

Interested in a custom piece email me...
thanks for stopping by...

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