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Monday, December 26, 2011

F.O.T.W at Eclectic Creations

COMING in MARCH one lucky fan of the week will receive a 10$ store credit. 
You must have an account with Eclectic Creations to receive this credit. 
Creating an account is easy, email me and I can add you or 
create it yourself :)

(subject line: ADD ME)

I hope everyone's holidays are going well.  The weather here was great.
Which inspired me to work outside, gotta love the south!

I have some great new EVENTS coming in 2012.
Some beautiful new pieces also, but most
 More giveaways…
starting in January…

(update MARCH TOO)

On my fan page I will be featuring…

 Each week a fan of Eclectic Creations
Will receive a gift!
A pair of earrings, OR
A one of a kind bracelet or necklace

I am so excited!!

For your chance to win

Comment/post on my fan page or like any thing on my

(the more you do the above... the more chances you have of being chosen)


(SOME RULES): I have no control over the application used on Facebook that randomly chooses a fan. So if you find the winner to be an error. Sorry…

Also you have one week to submit to me your address via email subject line F.O.T.W to claim your prize!

And your vote will only count on my fan page not my facebook page. J

thanks for stopping by

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