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Friday, December 14, 2012

What's New in the Shop @ Eclectic Creations

Good Evening
Today, I decided to make some really cute earrings for the shop. My goal is to have at least  300 items in the store and so far I have 255.
I have 44 more to go, so make sure you head over and see what I've been up too.
I am also working on another mannequin; she is already covered in the brown paper and ready to decorated.
What’s really great about this piece is that I can incorporate some of my sewing lessons.

So, from full filling orders, to creating more pieces,
I ‘m one busy lady…and I thank you.

If you have not heard there are some great deals going on at Eclectic Creations.

Click here for more info…
Below are the goodies I did today…
Thanks for coming by…

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