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Monday, February 11, 2013

Plant Based Diet The Farmer's Market

 has been 5 weeks strong of juice feasting and I am enjoying the results: the weight loss, as
Well as how my skin, body and self-feel, my plan was to do a 60 day juicing, but that lasted for 30 days...

           See what had happen was…I enjoy taking the time to research all  types of juicing recipes and vegetarian & vegan meals, that are all over the internet, and looking at all that food, and not having any patience is not good .
So, I ate.
 And it was GOOD!
However, 85% of my diet is plant based and raw

Any who, today I went to the Farmers Market
Picked up some Granny Smith Apples, 
10$ for the bushel
Red Delicious 14$ and
Strawberries that went up from 8 to 14$

And blue berries FREE!
12 in a bushel

Made a nice juice for the family
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