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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tangy Sweet Tangerine Juicing Recipe ~For Family of 5~ Black Folks Eating Right

I have always enjoyed tangerines, but I have never juiced them until recently and wanted to share a juice recipe that I have been experimenting with.
This recipe will make about a gallon of juice.

12 Golden Delicious Apples
2 Leafs of Kale
1 Raw Beet (with leafs)
1 Pineapple
1 Grapefruit (hence the tangy)
Handful of Fresh Spinach

This juice recipe is delicious and one of my favorites to date. 
The tangerines with the pineapples really makes this juice sweet.
Pineapples are great at masking the kale and beets.

I used a Omega Juicer 8006 Chrome

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