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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yarn Braids My Natural Hair Journey

I put in some Yarn Braids they look like Locks or Dreads. (in the south those two words are interchangable). Anywho, the process took me a day in a half. I started on Monday at 3pm and was done by late Tuesday at 11pm. But I had a short cut by braiding half way down then later going back to complete the braid. 
So far I like them. They are not irritating like synthetic hair nor are they tight or heavy. You must tie a knot at the ends of your hair and burn because they do unravel easily. And  use caution when burning the Acrylic, because it does get hot!!

The Yarn I purchased at Joanne's Fabric for $7.99. 
IF the store you choose does not carry a pound then pick up at least 3 small packages of yarn.

Sectioned Hair

Braiding the hair this was ...
Long and Slow

I love it!

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