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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2 My Health A Plant Based Diet

 Since I have been on this Plant Based, I have been doing a lot of research and  I came across this information , according to the CDC more than 75% of the $2.6 trillion in annual US health care costs are from chronic diseases. Diets high in meat and dairy are some of the main causes of most of these diseases.
·        Chronic diseases cause 7 in 10 deaths each year in the United States.

  About 133 million Americans—nearly 1 in 2 adults—live with at least one chronic illness.
More than 75% of health care costs are due to chronic conditions.
And it is worst in the Black Community.
My people are dying at an alarming rate: due to heart disease, strokes, cancer and diabetes.
What the old folks use to call “the suga.”

With those numbers and facts, why aren't more people on a plant based diet? 
Are people not connecting the dots? Or just don't care about their health?
Humans are committing suicide at a snail's pace...

Did you know that the first sign to heart disease is DEATH.

 It  is interesting to me that as I scroll down my face book time line, I often see photos of steak dinners cooked or at some restaurant  Or statuses saying I want to go to such, and such steak house.
I've seen several post from people who say they are on some type of diet; but eat Mickey D’s Oatmeal, most mornings…
Either they have ignored the information about McDonald’s Oatmeal, or they don’t give a rats’ ass. 
But I digress.
One misconception about a plant based diet is that all one is eating is sticks and carrots all day. 
There are an ass of recipes out there...check out, Youtube, go to the freaking library, most of my information came from there.  Another excuse is: it’s too expensive or time consuming…so is waiting in the E.R. Or having to fill another doctor’s prescription; because of high blood pressure or high cholesterol, both are just the beginning signs of many chronic ailments.

Oh! And where are you getting your protein?
 The same place a cow does.  Eating plants! 

I eat like a Gorilla.

It has been drilled into our heads "that humans need meat and dairy to survive" and it’s one of the biggest lies ever told! 
Humans are getting cancer and heart disease from eating animals and drinking their bodily fluids.
But I digress.

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