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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Understanding Your Body~Plant Based Diet~Black Folks Eating Right

       People for centuries have turned to juicing to improve their overall health, increase their energy, and combat common health problems. 

Imhotep one of our African Ancestors, recognized the importance plants were to our overall well-being.  Later on the Grecian  Hippocrates was quoted saying, “let thy food be thy medicine…”  just as Imhotep used plants to cure humans; so did Hippocrates.

                     Juicing does work for everyone, it’s just not everyone will like or need the popular juicing recipes that are relatively easy to find on the internet.
 But with a little investigation, you can create a juice recipe that’s geared towards your specific health needs; as well as taste. The first step is to find out and understand what is truly going on with your body. Find out what will help your condition and what vitamins or minerals you may be lacking.

For years, I was told by doctors that I had to take Iron Supplement , these pills cause me to be become nauseated, and I hate that feeling.  I was determine to find a natural way of getting Iron into my body. And meat is not the answer!

Green leafy vegetable contains the Iron we need for our bodies..

Other plants that are high in Iron:
Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Dried Apricots
Fresh Parsley
Dried Coconut 

               Research is showing that many of the elements people are complaining about may be due to a lack of a certain vitamin in their diets. Once you have determined what is wrong. You can then create a juice that is aimed to cure your elements.

There is almost no limit to what you can create for your family, when it comes to juicing.

Peace Love and Olive Oil Ya'll


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