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Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Garden Update...Horn-worms Caterpillars

Manduca Sexta

Beautiful creatures... but will wreck havoc on your tomatoes, tobacco or in my case sweet banana peppers plant.
When its hot they blend in with the healthy green leaves of your plant, you begin to notice damage to your plant, quickly, around dusk or early morning...when the heat of the sun is low, that is when they come to out to eat. And eat they will do, my 3 foot healthy sweet banana plant was down to a good 2 ft. 

My pepper plant is in a 5 gallon buck, so it stands alone on my patio. What I notice was pellet poop, so I assumed it was a rabbit. 
IT look just like rabbit poop.
Then last evening to my surprise half my plant was gone, so as I looked at the plant closely, I notice something moving...BOOM!!!
there they were, 2 lovely critters eating my plant...

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