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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two Strand Twist with Flat twist...~Natural Hair~

 I decided to do two-strand twist ...flat twist style on my newly conditioned hair using Olive oil cholesterol conditioner. I love messing in my hair. I am not sure how this style will come out so your guess is as good as mine!
Curl Junkie...MMMM

Once raised; I then used
Hibiscus & Banana Deep Fix - Moisturizing Conditioner. This stuff smells heavenly ;its costly $20 a for a 8oz jar therefore; I only use this when I desire a different scent.
 I am a product junkie!
(New Flash now on sale for $18)

I usually detangled my hair in the shower its easier and my hair does a lot better soak and wet. 
I then part and section my hair to make it easier to work with.

Ready for action...

My flat twist.
The important thing I have learned about twist and twist outs (especially for my hair) is that your hair must be wet (mine I work with soak and wet)  for them to turn out without the frizz. 
And your hair must be completely dry before you untwist your twist out.

Sit under the drier I go!!
If your hair is thick like mine then about an hour in a half..
I love USA a marathon of Law and Order SVU...

Not so bad...
A top view of my two strand twist...
Before the dryer

Results coming soon!!!

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