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Monday, June 14, 2010

MY 100th Blog Post

Yea!!!, this is my 100th blog, what ever that means right. (smile)
Not having any giveaways, drawings or prizes. (sad face)

Well at any rate I figured I would blog today on ideas that I have for my new home.
So far I have found some really cool pillows that I would like to incorporate in my home.

Not sure if there is a particular name however, at
Crate&Barrel they are called Remy Pillows and have they carry them for about 25$.
Well, even though I would like expensive decorations in my home, I also know how to sew.

I love the texture of these pillows.

This is the same fluffiness I am thinking about for the floors in the bathrooms.

Yes, I am loving these pillows.

This is the sofa we are putting downstairs in the living room area. I love the oversized cusions this sectional has.

I am also seeing quite a few homes decorated with picture galleries, now when I first seen a picture gallery in a home, in my opinion, it was tacky. The frames were all different designs and colors. But on D├ęcor Pad I found some really nice pictures of a photo gallery.

There are a lot of photos on this wall but it works because they are all the same motif.

Minimalistic.... I love this entire room.

 We have a upstairs entry way that is similar to this. The walls are high, however I am grateful there are windows in that area that will give the stair way plenty of natural light.

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