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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween Project...DIY-A Cauldron


One of our favorite times of year, and each year I think my middle daughter, Mykala, seems to out do herself and this year is no different.

She seen on Youtube how to make a cauldron by using this product called “Great Stuff” this can be found at Lowe’s for about 4 bucks and green Spray Paint, we thought that the Green Gloss Spray Paint was going to be too glossy for the lack of a better word, but I think it turned out great!
What the Great Stuff is its’ a sealant that expands when you spray it.
Really cool.

Inside the cauldron she added news paper to make it appear fuller because filling the entire cauldron you would need two cans.
This project required ONLY one!
Once she sprayed the great stuff she began adding her homemade body parts to the mix.
But you can barely see them.
But it contains, an eye ball and brain..
The spiders, worms, and other creepy crawls can be purchased at the Dollar Tree!

We also have head stones outside…
She made most the items using flour and salt, which is home-made Play-Doh.

She baked them, for about 20 minutes
This made them hard on the outside yet soft when you press down on them.
It’s really gross!
She even has maggots coming out of a foot she made…

We are still not finished with the yard, her and my husband are creating Vampire Dairies characters for the front yard…
Yes, she is a Vampires Dairies FANATIC!!


Have a great day!!

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