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Friday, November 25, 2011

Eclectic Creations moving ON UP...

Looking for a webhost is a lot like dating, you go through the free trail (dinner) but it didn’t work out like you planned, but now they (he) have your email (number). UGH!

I am excited, after endless searching, looking at reviews on E-commerce and blogs, I’ve FINALLY found an E-commerce that so far I am very pleased with.
I was looking for user friendly, 24/7 support wish list, cart the works! I love it.
So, December 1st 2011 is the Grand Opening!!
I will continue to have an Etsy account, I just will not be updated it as often.
I would also like to say that I appreciate Etsy and sites like it; because it allows beginning entrepreneurs a gateway, on the down side Etsy has a plethora of shops and sometimes one can feel a bit lost.
I was looking for a webhost that would allow me to show off my individualism and I found it.
The photo above is the store front…COOL EH?? And all designed by me.
Thanks for coming by and below a sneak peak of some new pieces that will be featured on the new site.
And some NEW TO you pieces available
on Etsy.

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