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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Raw Tacos Recipe~Black Folks Eating Right

One of the fast food staples in our home use to be Taco Bell. 
I had a hankering for tacos, so I found a simple recipe and of course add my own little 
s’mthang… s’mthang”

What you will need is:
Food Processor

Soaked Black Beads*

¾ cup diced red chili pepper

1.5 raw sweet corn cobs

½ small-med red onion

1 medium ripe avocado

½ -1 tbsp lemon juice

8-10 red or green lettuce leaves


    Diced the red chili peppers and onion and transfer into a bowl
    Rinse and drain black beans and pour them into the bowl.
** I find that soaking my black beans overnight makes them tender.
    Cut corn off the cob and mix into the beans, chili pepper and onions
    ~~Place avocado and lemon juice into a food processor and mix until it is smooth and creamy

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