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Saturday, January 5, 2013

2 My Health Mingz Plant Base Diet

I think the first day of anything is a challenge…the first few days of not smoking cigarettes, I thought 
I was going to kill someone.

I research herbs to take to help with the carving of nicotine and tobacco and found this herb called
Lobelia, in combination with the patch and my family has helped me kick the smoking habit.
I refuse to use any drugs, especially Cantex, it’s a mood altering drug that has some terrible side effects; one of them is thoughts of suicide…WTF??
I didn’t do much blogging about my cigarette free challenge, I think it was because
I was trying so hard to forget I was even a smoker.
Well, today is my first day and again it has been tough not to go RAID the fridge for something sweet to eat!
I’ve decided that at the end of my 60 days, I will eat something healthy…

My blogs will be my research center and online journal of sorts. I will talk about the benefits of many of the vegetables and fruits that I am using.
 I am excited!!
 Maybe something here will inspire you to challenge yourself for a healthier being!

Peace, Love and Olive Oil

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